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Because we are committed to creativity, originality, intelligence, curiosity, authenticity, shared knowledge, and community, we do not allow uploaded plagiarized materials. All content is vetted and plagiarized materials are returned. Users come to our research community site to learn and share, to use knowledge to support their own ideas or inventions. They do not claim the work they buy to be their own in the same way they wouldn't claim to be an author of a published book. Sharing, using and citing research or any kind is not a theft. We offer users the opportunity to be exposed and inspired by normally unavailable or highly controlled knowledge.

We provide educators and other professionals the service of sending suspected material content in question to along with their name and email address. We will notify them of our findings within 24 hours, providing a contact number if needed. We are the only website with this commitment. shares knowledge and research to develop a variety of e-communities, some sharing pure research, others their hobbies, knowledge, art, and others interested in smart entrepreneurialism. Whenever needed, users using site content for their research should cite sources as they would for any book, article or journal quotation used.Questions about our policies can be directed to 800-660-0631, ex. 2. If you are interested in becoming a professional content reviewer please call.