The Community Marketplace is the first online Community Marketplace that brings community
and ecommerce together. Our users increase their personal wealth, form valuable
community connections, and prosper from uploading original user generated content

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Careers | Internships

If you would like to work with a company that puts people ahead of profits, then wants to hear from you.

Our global service is the first online Community Marketplace™ that brings community and ecommerce together. Our users increase their own personal wealth and form communities that prosper from original user generated content and entreprenerial creativity. helps people create new economic and relationship opportunities not available through existing businesses, search engines and social channels.

A free service that belongs to the global communitiy, not corporations. creates profit opportunities for millions of users who care deeply about issues such as the disapperance of the middle class, income inequality, or removing economic barriers. People and organizations around the world are using our service to profit directly from their knowledge, content and values—rather than allowing their content and ideas to become profit tools for corporations.

Interested? Please contact us at: or call 800-660-0631, ex 5.

We are seeking bright people with bright ideas. We're an employee-owned company creating a new people-driven economy. We offer paid and unpaid positions. Paid versus unpaid internships will be determined by experience. A semester of unpaid internships will guarantee a paid internship in following or later semesters.

Employment Areas

We are interested in filling the following positions:

1. Marketing (research, advertizing, sales promotion, viral marketing and social networking, public relations, business development and expansion;

2. Multi-media marketing content development (radio, tv, blog, web) 

3. Website operations, enhancements and design (functionality, navigation and content) Website analytics/SEO

4. Others we haven't imagined but you have.

Application Process

1. Review and create an account on the site. Check it out.
2. Email a one-page letter of interest and one page resume to Tell us how you would contribute. How should we market the site? How can it become more viral? Please tell us what you think you can do to grow our company. Representatives will contact you for a web conference call within a week of submission.