The Community Marketplace is the first online Community Marketplace that brings community
and ecommerce together. Our users increase their personal wealth, form valuable
community connections, and prosper from uploading original user generated content

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About is a leader in social technologies. Our first application is a global online Community Marketplace. Our users get paid for uploading original content and create communities of shared interest or entrepreneurial helps global users to create new economic and relationship opportunities unavailable through existing businesses, search engines, and social channels.

Closing the Income Gap can create profit opportunities for millions of users who care deeply about issues such as the disappearance of the middle class, income inequality, the environment, sustainability, poverty, or removing economic barriers. People around the world are using our service to profit directly from their knowledge, content and values—rather than allowing their content and ideas to become profit tools for online corporations.

How it works: How We Rapidly Mobilize and Monetize Information

Our users earn money by selling their ideas, content, knowledge, or expertise. Community users search, purchase, or download free content provided by other users. They also form valuable communities that share content, ideas, common interests or create entrepreneurial projects. differs from other online sites because user generated content earns money deserved because of their orgiinality or hard work. Our users do not upload and give away valuable content that currently generates billions of annual dollars for large internet companies. does not measure its value or performance in terms of profits and return. We are different; we help create positive returns to society by helping individuals find a market for their knowledge and ideas. We are creating a new millennium economy service for everyone.

Revolutionizing the value of online communities is the first online service to provide connected opportunities for users to earn money. We provide free community collaboration tools (free audio-visual services, document collaboration tools and more) to help users sell their content, develop private communities, sell academic courses, form study groups, or create professional, creative or general interest global communities around any topic.

Who is using the service

Our rapidly growing user community reflects the world community. We have professionals and individuals from all walks of life. Scientists, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and social cause organizations are just a few of the community users profitting from For example, students make money from their college work by selling course notes, research papers and term papers. They also improve their preparation for upcoming courses by buying next semester course resources from other students and instructors. Teachers make money by selling course work or tutoring. Professors make money by creating and offering online courses to a global audience.

What people buy and sell

Our users upload, sell and buy all types of content: users make money by creating original content and selling it directly to a global market. Many users have discovered that they can make money from YouTube uploads by selling their uploads on rather than to other sites that run ads over their video content and don't share revenue with users who have generated that content.

Other users are selling college essays, practice exams, professional reports, how-to videos, screenplays, fiction and nonfiction, legal reviews, landscaping videos, research papers, course study guides, artistic content, pop culture, TV treatments, diets, architecture, college course notes, curriculum, actual courses, high school essays, animal care, sports, photographs, documentaries, spiritual guides, financial advice, music videos, short films, and thousands of other types of content.